Hammer Stahl Branding

I love a good branding challenge. World-class cutlery and cookware company Hammer Stahl came to us without a cohesive brand identity. We stepped in and started rebuilding their brand from the ground up. First, we established the company’s voice and overall branding message. Then we built upon pieces from Hammer Stahl’s existing marketing collateral to create a consistent, cohesive brand identity. The end result is a stunning, comprehensive 40-page brand guide that includes everything from Hammer Stahl’s official logo, typefaces, and colors, to the proper logo placement on their products. Hammer Stahl now has a recognizable brand with a sophisticated look and feel. 


Collateral & Promotion

The name Hammer Stahl is synonymous with high-end, well-designed German steel cutlery. But that’s not all they do. As the company launched a new line of cookware, they wanted to leverage their existing brand identity while introducing the unique features of their new products.

We created collateral and packaging to help them do just that. We worked to bring in the qualities connected to this famous name and aimed to capture the attention of foodies, gourmets, and other serious home cooks. Hammer Stahl also wanted to promote that this line of cookware was proudly made in the United States. That gave us an opportunity to bring additional creativity to advertisements designed for publications such as Food & Wine Magazine.